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Poster: dead-head_Monte Date: Feb 14, 2012 7:45am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: The Infamous Kochy One

Thanks Skobud. I knew you were on "it" (security); just never knew "why" until now. Several years ago, LSP users began flocking to this forum. That's when Kochman began interacting with GD lovers on The Archive. From here, he invited us to join up at LSP's website. GD's music sharing policy clearly states that the use of their tapes is for non-commercial use only. But LSP was running ads on their web pages. However, LSP's spam-mail was legendary. I deleted scores of Kochman's spam-mails. It was a relentless bombardment. Regardless - to this day, my In-Box is still peppered with His Spam. LSP was a Spam Factory!


• The Archive's Terms of Use says:

In particular, you certify that your use of any part of the Archive's Collections will be noncommercial and will be limited to noninfringing or fair use under copyright law. In using the Archive's site, Collections, and/or services, you further agree (a) not to violate anyone's rights of privacy, (b) not to act in any way that might give rise to civil or criminal liability, (c) not to use or attempt to use another person's password, (d) not to collect or store personal data about anyone, (e) not to infringe any copyright, trademark, patent, or other proprietary rights of any person, (f) not to transmit or facilitate the transmission of unsolicited email ("spam"), (g) not to harass, threaten, or otherwise annoy anyone, and (h) not to act in any way that might be harmful to minors, including, without limitation, transmitting or facilitating the transmission of child pornography, which is prohibited by federal law and may be reported to the authorities should it be discovered by the Archive.

You agree that we may contact you from time to time with surveys or other questions regarding your opinions about and uses of the Archive, as well as with information we believe may be of interest to you. We encourage you to respond to these surveys because we value your input, which will assist us in improving the Archive. In addition, we request that, according to standard academic practice, if you use the Archive's Collections for any research that results in an article, a book, or other publication, you list the Archive as a resource in your bibliography.
People posted here on The Archive that LSP had some threads going over there that were about threads and discussions that were going on over here. Strange. Koch bothered me mostly with his Spam. This is a total violation of policy, and decency. Some people got burned in other ways. Some people were stalked. Cliff's claims are the most infamous we know of. Kochman is also a pretty good storyteller. He can be very convincing, very personal, and very touching. Kockman is "watching my back" in this tutorial he posted to me. Notice how he lured me into commenting back.

Regarding Koch posting yesterday about the underrated June 10, 1973 SBD (and his deletion of that posting): I am pretty sure I was being lured into reponding to it because everybody knows I taped that show. Kochman may "now" consider me "lured into commenting back" to him.

"Alembic, I love you!" • June 10, 1973

• Skobud, there must be some creative ways that you and I and some of the tapers can put together a "new online taper compendium" for non-commercial use, and yet still get paid for our labor. This is not a violation of GD music sharing policy, the way I see it. Staff at The Archive are getting paid to do their jobs as Admins. Archive staff are also getting paid to share GD tapes with Archive patrons, correct?

Taper Compendium Panel - Theoretical Roster
Trail Grub types are encouraged to apply!

Robthewordsmith: Writer, Admin
Blue Devil: Legal Assignment Editor, Admin
Light into Ashes: Chief investigative correspondent, Admin
Charlie Miller: Taper-in-Chief, Admin
Cliff: VP of Notebooks, Admin
Kochman: Storyteller, Admin
Skobud and Rastamon: Security, Admins
High Flow: Conflict Resolution, Admin
Ghostofpig: Executive Director, Admin
Arbuthnot: Communications Director, Admin
He Live's: Featured Essayist, Admin
Tigerbolt: Featured Photographer, Admin
Hunter Seamons: Tapers and Matrixing, Admin
Monte Barry: Executive Producer, Admin
• Compendium Librarian, tech support
William Tell: GD Ambassador, Admin
Mandojammer: PR Director, President, CEO
• Admin-in-Chief

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Poster: rastamon Date: Feb 14, 2012 8:32am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: The Infamous Kochy One

hmmm...theoretically, I'd work for bud...and contribute 50% to the medically challenged poor, thru you. $$ never motivated me very much.

btw, I still get notifications from LSP but never gave it much mind. I'd recommend NC for the position of Anti-Propaganda Minister. Imo, he's very insightful and articulate in such matters.

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Poster: dead-head_Monte Date: Feb 14, 2012 9:33am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: The Infamous haters in Fort Collins win!

Re: work for Bud - I will definitely do that too!

• Fort Collins marijuana centers to shut doors Feb. 14 - North Forty News article by Michelle Lejuene

Valentine’s Day won’t be so happy for 21 medical marijuana center owners who lost their right to have a business in Fort Collins after the success of city ballot question 300 on Nov. 1.

The last day of legal operation for the centers will be Feb. 14, according to the city clerk’s office. Owners estimate 200 jobs will be lost when their business close down.
• Fort Collins Passes Question 300, Bans Medical Marijuana Dispensaries - reported by The Huffington Post, on 2 Nov 2011

• All MMDs in Fort Collins will be closing up shop today by 7p.m. or else they will be arrested!! Excess mmj inventory will get turned over to Police and be destroyed. - reported by The Coloradoan, 14 Feb 2012

Organic Alternatives closes
bilde?NewTbl=1&Site=G2&Date=20120214&Category=NEWS01&ArtNo=202140801&Ref=PH&Item=2&Maxw=640&Maxh=410&q=60The end has come for medical marijuana businesses in Fort Collins.

Teams of police officers will be inspecting store-front marijuana dispensaries and growing operations today to ensure they are in compliance with a voter-approved ban on the businesses.

Several inspections are scheduled between 6 and 10 p.m., said Sgt. Jim Byrne of Fort Collins police.

"Many of them are waiting until the last minute," Byrne said.

Any marijuana that is found in the facilities will be seized and destroyed. So far, the inspections have "gone off without a hitch," Byrne said.

The north Fort Collins growing facility for the marijuana business, A Kind Place, 123 W. Drake Road, was inspected Monday as co-owners Donald Cruinkshank and Kirk Scramstad took down light fixtures and insulation.

A Kind Place closed Saturday after it ran through its inventory, Cruinkshank said. No plants remained in the grow operation.

"Everything has been cycled through and is gone," he said.

Cruinkshank said it was a sad day for him and his customers, many of whom he has worked with for about four years. A Kind Place was one of the first dispensaries to open in Fort Collins.

"I tell them I'm sorry," he said. "Unless they change the laws, I can't help them anymore. The city only allows 12 plants and that's not feasible. Maybe that will change some day."

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Poster: rastamon Date: Feb 14, 2012 10:18am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: The Infamous haters in Fort Collins win!

how many plants can private individuals grow in Ft Collins?

2 yrs ago, a legal grower friend of mine grew the limit of 6 mature plants (Alameda Co, Ca) and harvested over 13lbs of prime bud.

I've no problem with the law going after illegal gang affiliated growers, I don't like bloody budz, but the situation you mentioned is plain wrong!

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Poster: dead-head_Monte Date: Feb 14, 2012 10:39am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: The Infamous haters in Fort Collins win!

This is the law right now in Fort Collins. Individual caregivers are allowed to grow up to 12 plants indoors "legally" - for registered mmj patients, in any home in Fort Collins (as long as no one objects, more or less). This is a) according to Colorado Constitution amendment 20 passed by voters in 2001; b) according to Fort Collins laws passed by city leaders.

The problem is simple: 99% of mmj patients are not mmj growers. The replacement mmj supply will be coming from Mexican drug gangs.

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Poster: Skobud Date: Feb 14, 2012 9:17am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: The Infamous Kochy One


Email me at

This Email is my spam collector, but i will be looking out for a message from you. I'd like to help on the project, but just understand it will be difficult for me to commit as much time as I would probably like to. That is why I didnt really respond earlier. I would like to help if I can.